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¿Se podrá utilizar otro sistema de firma electrónica?
What procedures can I carry out?
How can I carry out a procedure?
Problems with Cl@ve?
What is an electronic stamp?
What is an electronic/telematic procedure?
What is the Virtual Head Office?
What is AutoFirma?
What is included in the Virtual Head Office?
Do I always have to identify myself?
How I can install AutoFirma on my computer?
Can the Offices be accessed from the department's Portal?
What electronic signature systems can citizens use?
How to register in Cl@ve?
Is there a general access point to all electronic offices available to citizens?
What are the implications for citizens of using electronic signatures?
Can citizens be represented before the administration by third parties?
Can the Administration use other authentication systems for undertaking automated procedures?
Are there certificate verification platforms?
What is the relationship between the Electronic Register and the Virtual Head Office?
What is the official date and time?
How are the electronic offices identified?
What is Cl@ve?
Is Virtual Office the same as Virtual Head Office?
Why does a message appear related with the security certificate of the Headquarters?
What must the secure code verification system guarantee?
How to update the plug-in version of Java?
Can citizens be obliged to deal with the administrations exclusively by electronic means?
Configuration of PDF reader so that is trusts the root certificate of the electronic stamp of the Electronic Register
Why and how to configure root certificates on your browser?