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Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice

Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice Access to the Ministry of Justice Portal
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Applications and documents

If you are accessing to this process with Google Chrome 46 and later or Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 and later, you need installed on your computer AutoFirma application. With AutoFirma you can complete the process successfully.

You can download the application at the following link: Download AutoFirma

The download includes the Autofirma installation manual.

This is the access to the Electronic Register of the Ministry of Justice as part of the General State Administration. For matters related to the administration of justice (for example, judges, courts, civil registries) should be addressed directly to the competent body of the Administration of Justice.

Submission at the Electronic Registry of the Ministry of Justice
Partial electronic processing

Each Ministry has an electronic registry with the following functions:

  • Reception and dispatch of all applications and documents concerning the formalities and procedures that correspond pursuant to the specifications of the registry's creation, including any documents attached thereto, and the issue of receipts to confirm reception.
  • Electronic sending of documents and applications to the addressee individuals, organisations or units.
  • Registration of the corresponding entry and dispatch of documents.

Applications and documents can be submitted at the Electronic Registry of the Ministry of Justice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


You will be requested to identify yourself and digitally sign your message, pursuant to the requirements established to access the Electronic Register.


This procedure is equivalent to physically submitting the form at the Ministry's General Registries Office. The system records applicant's digitally signed form in an entry in the Electronic Register.


The Electronic Registry will automatically issue an electronically signed receipt with the following content:

  • Copy of the application or document submitted.
  • Date and time of submission, and entry record number.
  • When applicable, a list of any attached documents.

The record number serves to identify the document or application when dealing with the Ministry and enables applicants to track the status of their procedure through the "Status of my application" link.

The Electronic Registry can reject any electronic document submitted, in the following circumstances:

  • Documents addressed to bodies or organisations outside the sphere of the General Central Government Administration.
  • Documents that contain malicious codes or devices that could affect the integrity or security of the system.
  • In the case of standard documents, when compulsory fields are not completed, or when they contain inconsistencies or omissions that impede their processing.
  • Documents that have to be submitted at specific Electronic Registries.

In these cases, the sender will be notified of the reasons for the rejection and, when possible, how to correct the errors and where the documents may be submitted.

Check the status of your application
Partial electronic processing