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Spanish citizenship by residence

Can provide additional documentation to your file of citizenship by residence already begun in Electronic Site, through Application for citizenship by residence.

You need installed on your computer AutoFirma application. With AutoFirma you can complete the process successfully.

You can download the application at the following link: Download AutoFirma. The download includes the Autofirma installation manual.

Important information about the General rules of data protection

Request for Spanish citizenship by residence
Full electronic procedure

You can apply for citizenship residence electronically by completing the form that can be accessed from this page. You can use this model whether the request is for yourself as if acting on behalf of a child under 14 or person capacity judicially modified of exerting the authority, guardianship or conservatorship homeland. You can also complete the application from this form acts as representative of the applicant and is endowed with a mandate or power evidencing such representation.

During the application must provide various documents to be scanned and attached. Has four months from the date of creation to complete your application, if after that time has not signed and returned the application, it is automatically deleted.

Download the form 790
Full electronic procedure

The filing of Form 790 is required to make payment in person administrative fee associated with your application for Spanish citizenship by residence.

From this link you can download the form 790 which must be completed to make the payment at a bank.

IMPORTANT: Do not photocopy these forms as they contain a numeric code which must be unique for each application.

Online consultation of Spanish citizenship by residence applications
Verification of applications for Spanish nationality through residency
Full electronic procedure

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