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Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice

Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice Access to the Ministry of Justice Portal
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If you have an electronic National ID (DNIe) or other cryptographic chip card, insert it into your card reader now. Lector de tarjetas
Continue to access to the application procedure
Redirigiendo a Clave para verificar su identidad

Evaluation of professional aptitude for access to the professions of Lawyer and Court Agent

Important information about the General rules of data protection

Application for enrolment in aptitude tests
Full electronic procedure

You can electronically submit your application for enrolment in any proficiency tests that are open for enrolment.

To do this, you will need to use an electronic certificate issued in your name.

Results query
Full electronic procedure

You can check the result you have obtained in the aptitude tests that have this service activated.

Verification of professional certificates and qualifications
Full electronic procedure