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Foundations: Annual accounts and Action plans

If you are accessing to this process with Google Chrome 46 and later or Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 and later, you need installed on your computer AutoFirma application. With AutoFirma you can complete the process successfully.

You can download the application at the following link: Download AutoFirma

The download includes the Autofirma installation manual.

Appointment independent experts and auditors foundations
Partial electronic processing

It is a partial processing, because while begins the process through the electronic site telematics manner may not carry out its complete processing, pending submission of the original copy authorized and copy of the corresponding scriptures or the certificate issued by the secretary of the patronato, with the approval of the president, with signatures legitimized before a notary.

Through this process, exceptionally, the Registrar of Foundations of State Competition may, at the request of protectorate or any of the board members, appoint an auditor to verify the annual accounts of a certain period in the where the Board, being forced to appoint auditor, would not have done before the end of the year to be audited in accordance with the provisions of Article 31 of Regulation foundations of state competition.

Legalization of books of foundations
Full electronic procedure

Telematic presentation instructions.

According to the order JUS / 221 / 2017, 9 March on legalization in electronic format of the books of foundations of state matter (BOE) all books will be presented in electronic form of telematics form so telematics, electronically in the register of foundations of competence state, through the electronic site Justice ministry.
The applicant must have any link with the foundation and must be presented with a certificate recognized.

Descarga online de libro legalizado de la fundación
Full electronic procedure

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