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Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice

Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice Access to the Ministry of Justice Portal
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Notaries communications to the Directorate General of Registries and Notaries

If you are accessing to this process with Google Chrome 46 and later or Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 and later, you need installed on your computer AutoFirma application. With AutoFirma you can complete the process successfully.

You can download the application at the following link: Download AutoFirma

The download includes the Autofirma installation manual.

Other communications
Full electronic procedure

Written submissions, applications and communications that notaries must make to the Directorate General of Registries and Notaries: Communication Absences (Art. 44 RN), communication start date and completion licenses (Articles 45. 47 RN) request maternity leave (art. 49 Legislative Royal Decree 5/2015 of October 30 of the Basic Statute of Public Employees), communication copy denial of Courts (art. 232 RN), retirement application voluntary (arts. 57-59 RN), request duplicate titles (art. 37 RN), request leave of absence (arts. 109-115 RN)

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