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Birth Certificate/Certification

Important information about the General rules of data protection

Su Registro Civil

Using this service, you can obtain information on registration data that are merely for informational purposes; under no circumstances can they be considered a certificate for Civil Registry entries. These data include the most important items on the main birth and marriage entries. Data are not included that have been collected in addition to the main entry, for example, a change of first name and/or family name(s), divorce, nationality, etc., as referred to in articles 39, 46, 62, 76 and 77 of the Civil Registry Act. Data from the Guardianship Section are also not included.

The information provided is based on a management delegation from the Secretariat of State for Justice to the National Statistics Institute regarding the transmission of computerised data on the registration of births, marriages and deaths with the civil registries, published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on 14 February 2005.

Requesting a digital birth certificate (for yourself) WHEN ISSUED
Full electronic procedure

You can request and instantly obtain an electronic copy of your own birth certificate by filling out the form which can be accessed from this page.

The certificate requested must be your own, as in all other cases certain additional checks need to be carried out and they cannot be issued instantly. To verify this, the applicant must have a digital certificate in order to identify him/ herself.

Important: You can only submit a request via this means if the date of the event was after 1950.

Based on the data provided, the availability of the information will be verified electronically. If it is available, your certificate will appear instantly. If not, the system will advise you that it has not been possible to generate your certificate.

Verifying digital birth certificates
Full electronic procedure

Agencies, entities and third party recipients of the digital birth Certificate should check its validity in the Verification of documents by means of the CSV section providing the Secure Verification Code found in this document

Birth Certificate Request
Partial electronic processing

Civil Register certificate requests may be made online for records held in the computerised Civil Registers indicated in the dropdown list, to which the Civil Registers that are successively incorporated in this computerisation process will be added shortly.

The certificate that has been requested in this way will be preferentially delivered by ordinary mail to the home address specified in the application. Nevertheless, the interested party may collect it in person, as long as this has been expressly specified in the application.

When applicants choose to retrieve the certificates in person, the Civil Registry Office will notify the date from which they may do so.