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Criminal Record Certificate

The Sexual Offences Certificate is the only valid certificate that enables individuals to work with minors in Spain. Access the procedure via the Internet

Important information about the General rules of data protection

Application for the digital Criminal Records certificate
Full electronic procedure

Criminal Record certificate issued from March 1 does not enable to regularly work with minors.

You may request your Criminal Records Certificate online by completing the form accessed on this page.

For this procedure you must pay the 006 fee online for the processing of your application. The payment must be made via the Tax Agency payment gateway for Administrative Fees. In the Frequently asked questions section, check the banks affiliated to said payment gateway and the opening hours.

As a general rule, his criminal record certificate is issued at the time. In cases where this is not posible:

  • As a receipt of presentation, a document containing proof of payment and registration of the application, signed electronically by the Ministry of Justice, may be downloaded. Please remember to save or print this receipt. It includes an application reference number that you will need in order to download the digital certificate when it becomes available.
  • Under normal circumstances the certificate will be available 24 hours after the application is made; however, it should be taken into account that in certain cases this period may be prolonged, but generally no longer than 3 working days. The deadline the Administration has for issuing is 10 working days from the date the application is received.
  • If you wish, you may enter an e-mail address and we will notify you when it is available to be downloaded.

If for some reason it is not possible to issue the certificate electronically you will be notified.

Important: The criminal record certificate must be legalised if it is to have validity outside of Spain. Select the option of apostille in the application of your certificate.

Check the status of your application and download the digital Criminal Record certificate
Full electronic procedure

For certificates requested through electronic headquarters, you can consult the status of their application of certificate, and download the certificate if it has already been issued through the application number that is included in your proof of certificate request. If you do not have the number of request, you may obtain and accessing the consultation of state of the application through the service Mi Carpeta of the General access point for the administration of the State.

Verification of the digital Criminal Records certificate
Full electronic procedure

Agencies, entities and third party recipients of the digital Criminal Record certificate should check its validity in the 'Verification of documents by means of the CSV' section providing the Secure Verification Code found in this document.

For certificates requested in the electronic site together with its apostillado: in addition to verify the validity of the certificate, this service allows also verify the validity of the apostille. to do so, please fill in the same form of consultation introducing CSV value as the corresponding to the apostille.

Download the form 790

Submitting the form 790 is required to request your certificate in person or by mail. For information about how to apply in person or by mail, see General information on your procedure.

IMPORTANT: You must not photocopy these forms as they contain a number code which must be unique for each request.

Check fee payment with the Tax Agency
Full electronic procedure

You may CHECK information regarding the payment of the fee with the Tax Agency at any time. Should the online procedure fail, before trying again, we recommend you check that the payment has not gone through.