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Last Will and Testament Certificate

The period for the issuance of these certificates is 10 business days when requested by post; and half of that when requested online. In situations of heightened demand, the issuance of certificates might suffer occasional delays.
Application for Last Will Certificate
Full electronic procedure

You may request your Last Will Certificate online by completing the form accessed on this page.

The request cannot be presented until 15 working days have elapsed following the date of death.

It will be verified from the data entered whether the information on the death registration certificate is available online. If this information is available online, you will be able to send your application.

Important: You may only send the application in this manner if the date of death is after 2 April 2009 and the death has not been registered in a magistrates' court. Otherwise, the application must be made in person or by ordinary post because the application must be accompanied by the full death certificate (for more information on the procedure go to General information of your procedure)

If the data provided is insufficient to recover the necessary information on the death registration, the system will notify you via an on-screen message for you to verify that the data you have entered is correct and, if this is the case, to try with other search criteria.

For this procedure you must pay the 006 fee online for the processing of your application. The payment must be made via the Tax Agency payment gateway for Administrative Fees. In the Frenquently asked questions section, check the banks affiliated to said payment gateway and the opening hours.

You will be asked to provide a digital ID and signature for the form and the payment details according to the requirements established for online payment and the presentation of the application at the Ministry's Electronic Register. Remember that the signatory for the payment must be the person in whose name the bank account or credit card used is held.

As a receipt of presentation, a document containing proof of payment and registration of the application, signed electronically by the Ministry of Justice, may be downloaded.

Please remember to save or print this receipt. It includes an application reference number that you will need to download the digital certificate when it becomes available.

If for some reason it is not possible to issue the certificate electronically you will be notified.

If you wish, you may enter an e-mail address and we will notify you when it is available to be downloaded.

Check the status of your application and download the digital certificate
Full electronic procedure

You can consult the status of their application of certificate, and download the certificate if it has already been issued through the application number that is included in your proof of certificate request. If you do not have the number of request, you may obtain and accessing the consultation of state of the application through the service My folder of the General access point for the administration of the State.

Please note that once the certificate is ready for download, you have a period of 90 calendar days to do it. After that period, if you want the certificate, you must re-apply.

Important: The last will certificate must be legalised if it is to have validity outside of Spain. Please remember to enquire about this procedure.

Verification of the certificate
Full electronic procedure

Agencies, entities and third party recipients of the digital last will certificate should check its validity in the Verification of documents by means of the CSV section providing the Secure Verification Code found in this document.

Download the form 790

Submitting the form 790 is required to request your certificate in person or by mail. For information about how to apply in person or by mail, see General information on your procedure.

IMPORTANT: You must not photocopy these forms as they contain a number code which must be unique for each request.

Check fee payment with the Tax Agency
Full electronic procedure

You may CHECK information regarding the payment of the fee with the Tax Agency at any time. Should the online procedure fail, before trying again, we recommend you check that the payment has not gone through.