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Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice

Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice Access to the Ministry of Justice Portal
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Form to access the Archive of the General Codification Commission

If you are accessing to this process with Google Chrome 46 and later or Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 and later, you need installed on your computer AutoFirma application. With AutoFirma you can complete the process successfully.

You can download the application at the following link: Download AutoFirma

The download includes the Autofirma installation manual.

Application to query
Partial electronic processing

Application for access to the General Archive may be submitted electronically to the Ministry of Justice's Electronic Register by completing the form that can be accessed from this page. Please remember that, on this form, you must list the documentation you wish to access as precisely as possible and you must comply with all other requirements explained in the section ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THE PROCEDURE which can be found in the general information section for this procedure.

You will be requested to identify yourself and digitally sign your message, pursuant to the requirements established to access the Electronic Register.

This procedure is equivalent to physically submitting the form at the Ministry's General Registries Office. The system will record the form digitally signed by the applicant in an entry in the Electronic Register.

The applications submitted via this channel will subsequently be processed applying the ordinary procedure until their final resolution.

Check the status of your application
Partial electronic processing


The applicant will receive a copy of the application form in printable format (PDF). This copy includes an application number and a record number (the “entry record”) which identifies your letter before the Ministry.