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Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice

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Electronic Register of the Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice's Electronic Register allows you to submit, from the Electronic Headquarters, standardised forms and papers for certain procedures.

On this page you will find an updated list of the admissible procedures that can be undertaken via this electronic register.

Administrative procedures admissible via the Electronic Register:

In the corresponding pages for each procedure there is additional guidance material consisting of the description of the procedure, the regulating legislation or its electronic administrative characteristics.


To submit applications to the Electronic Register you must prove your identity and sign the forms electronically.

For this you can consult the electronic signature systems supported.

Validation and monitoring

From the –Status of my application- page, interested parties may check the ongoing procedures undertaken with the Electronic Register, entering their NIF and registration number or the application number shown on the receipt issued by the Electronic Register. If the information submitted by the interested party coincides with the registered data, a copy of the aforementioned receipt will be displayed on the screen along with the current status of the application.

Deadlines calculation

The Electronic Register is accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Nevertheless, it should be taken into account for the purposes of establishing deadlines that non-working days shall be considered as those declared as such in the official calendar establishing non-working days. Submissions on a non-working day will be registered on the following working day at 00:01.


Order JUS/3000/2009, of 29 October, governing the creation and regulation of the Ministry of Justice Electronic Register.

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