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Some procedures require you to provide electronic identification (in the same way that you would also have to provide ID if you were carrying out the procedure in person).

To identify yourself and electronically sign applications and payments, the Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice allows different mechanisms, depending on the procedure that you want to access.

Digital certificates / Cl@ve mail Certificate

Electronic public key certificates, not revoked, supported by @firma, the Platform for validation and electronic signature of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration will be accepted.

You can obtain a digital certificate from different service providers certification.An example of provider is the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, which provides certificates through options and for options that need to go in person to a Registration Office, has a wide network of partner offices. You can get more information on this page of the Electronic Office of the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.

For a full list of certification service providers accepted by this platform go to document certification service providers @firma.

Electronic DNI / Cl@ve eDNI

You can identify yourself electronically using the electronic DNI.

To use an electronic DNI for authentication and signature purposes when processing certificate requests the citizen must have on their computer a browser, encrypted card reader and operating system which are supported and must also install an encryption module.

All information of interest and downloads needed to use the electronic DNI, can be found at this link: Electronic DNI (National Identification Card).

Cl@ve PIN

It is a system of identification and authentication, which allows access to services of Public Administration.

To use Cl@ve PIN need to register on the website of Cl@ve. To access the procedure you need to request a Cl @ ve PIN, you will receive on your mobile phone.

Cl@ve permanent

It is an authentication system designed for people who need frequent access to electronic services of the Administration. It is based on the use of a user code, your ID or NIE and a password that is set in the activation process and should only be known by the user.

To use Cl@ve permanent need to register on the website of Cl@ve.

Cl@ve EU citizens

Pan-European recognition of electronic identities, and in particular the acceptance of electronic ID cards and similar identifiers in eGovernment services of other European administrations.